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Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that is found in many building products. Because of its heat resistant properties and high tensile strength, asbestos was widely used as a fire retardant. In older homes, commercial buildings and industrial settings you may find asbestos in many common building materials including, but not limited to:

Our licensed consultants can perform an array of asbestos services including Inspections, Air Monitoring, Management Plans and Designs. Fleetwood Daniels Group can also facilitate asbestos Abatement services to streamline our client’s needs.

Lead-Based Paint

Lead is a toxic metal that may cause a variety of health problems, especially in young children. Lead can be absorbed into the body, causing damage to the brain and other vital organs.

Lead exposure has also been known to cause learning disabilities, kidney damage, seizures and in some cases, death. Headaches, nausea, tiredness and irritability are some of the symptoms of exposure to lead. In some cases, there are no symptoms of lead exposure. Lead was commonly mixed in paint prior to the late 1970’s.

Lead-based painted friction surfaces typically cause a lead dust found both inside and outside of older homes. Lead dust is the most common hazard, as it is easily tracked inside the home. Children are most susceptible to ingesting lead dust by simply putting their hands or contaminated objects into their mouths. Other hazards include eating paint chips found in homes with peeling or flaking lead-based paint and playing in soil that is contaminated.

Fleetwood Daniels Group utilizes the latest XRF technology to perform lead-based paint testing without the need to perform destructive sampling. Our licensed Inspectors and Risk Assessors can provide our services for child-occupied facilities, NC RRP projects, OSHA Compliance and all other applications.

Indoor Air Quality

Fleetwood Daniels Group can provide full service consulting services for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Industrial Hygiene assessments. Fleetwood Daniels Group’s IAQ services are geared toward the identification, assessment of hazards, and implementing remediation plans.

Typically IAQ assessments are requested to identify mold. Mold growth is primarily attributed to prolonged humidity levels or water intrusion into a building. If visible mold is not present, we utilize air sampling methods to determine the presence and type of mold spores present. If necessary, Fleetwood Daniels Group can provide remediation protocols to guide the client through the recommended steps to a healthier home or workplace.

Fleetwood Daniels Group can also provide exposure monitoring for a variety of workplace constituents and recommend response actions for mitigating or reducing exposure. Among many others, we commonly provide testing for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), Dust, Gases and Particulates.

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